Ponti Seafood Grill, Seattle Washington

Seattle Landmark | Seafood Restaurant | Only Wild Fish Served Since 1990 |

Dinner Served 4:00 - 9:00pm

Happy Hour 4:00 - 6:30pm

A Beautiful Mediterranean Villa Sitting Cliff-side Overlooking the Ship Canal and Fremont Bridge. Wild Seafood, Beautiful Views, Private Dining Facilities Available.

Our Pick: 5 Clever DIY Father's Day Gifts!

Father's day is a sign of the summer season's start. It is a special day to celebrate the person who has been a solid support in your life. So, get your grill out, hang out in the backyard, and take in the sunny rays. 

We scoured the web to see if we could find some clever, quirky, and different DIY father's day gift ideas, and here are our picks:

1. A Massage. Take one of his old t-shirts and draw a race track on the back. Give your kids a couple of toy cars and viola! Hours of fun, and some muscle relief!

2. Tie Tacks of Yours Truly. Simply purchase shrink printer film at your local craft store. Print small images of your family members and bake away! The perfect tie tack.

3. Show Him How Much He Rocks. A basic photo frame, a trip outdoors, and a sharpie is all you need to create this lovely accent.

4. Stache him! Buy a basic white coffee mug and draw the mustache of your choice.

5. Shadow Fun. Make reverse cutouts of what you would like to say, stand in the sun and get the perfect camera angle. You have yourself a mighty fine photo!

Do you have some clever ideas up your sleeve? Share them with us!


Since 1990 Ponti has delighted the palates of our guests with a menu* that offers an array of eclectic flavors ranging from pan-Asian, Mediterranean, classic European and Pacific Northwest fusion, under the creative guidance of proprietors, Richard and Sharon Malia. Our dedication to providing fine service and exquisite cuisine ensures that your visit will be well remembered.

In the summer, join us on our beautiful patio, overlooking the Ship Canal and Fremont Bridges of Seattle. Sip a perfectly selected glass of wine chosen by our wine steward, enjoy our signature grilled calamari, and relax. You are always home at our restaurant.

*menus are subject to change according to availability