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7 Clever Calamari Recipes

Calamari is one of those universal dishes that can be prepared in many unique ways. The most common preparation in the U.S. is to batter and fry it then serve it up with a ramekin of aioli. We thought it would be interesting to research other, more creative ways in which you can wow your guests at your next summer get-together.


1. Spicy Grilled Calamari. If you have the barbecue going, grab some skewers, your favorite seasoning, and grill away! For the recipe, click here.

2. Stuffed Calamari. This recipe has Italian influences, rich in tomato sauce, garlic and cheese. Bon Appetit! Click Here for the recipe.

3. Calamari in Seafood Cocktail. This is a fresh as it gets! Perfect for a hot summer's day- a great way to start your outdoor picnic. Click Here for the recipe.

4. Calamari Scampi. Perfectly fresh, flavorful, and light! For the recipe, click here.

5. Grilled and Sauteed Calamari. One of our most popular dishes, we thought it would only be polite to share Chef Alvin's unique recipe with you! 

Grilled Squid with Olives, Soy Sauce, Ginger, and Basil by Chef Alvin Binuya of Ponti Seafood Grill in Seattle, Washington.

6. Garden Seafood Salad with Calamari. Who said low-carb had to be flavorless? This recipe has the perfect combination of seasoning. Click here for the recipe.

7. Fried Calamari Sandwich. This dish is perfectly fresh, flavorful, and easily portable! Click here for the recipe. 

Have a calamari recipe you would like to share? Comment below- we would love to hear about it!


Since 1990 Ponti has delighted the palates of our guests with a menu* that offers an array of eclectic flavors ranging from pan-Asian, Mediterranean, classic European and Pacific Northwest fusion, under the creative guidance of proprietors, Richard and Sharon Malia. Our dedication to providing fine service and exquisite cuisine ensures that your visit will be well remembered.

In the summer, join us on our beautiful patio, overlooking the Ship Canal and Fremont Bridges of Seattle. Sip a perfectly selected glass of wine chosen by our wine steward, enjoy our signature grilled calamari, and relax. You are always home at our restaurant.

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